Georgia fingerprint system has child ID capability

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, August 4, 2005

OCILLA, Ga.---The Irwin County Sheriff's Department will install a new electronic fingerprinting system with special child identification modules.
The system, called ClearID2000, is produced by BSI2000 of Lakewood, Colo., a developer of card-based security systems. This is the first sale of this system with gun permit, detainee and child identification modules.
BSI2000, which announced the purchase on August 2, sold the system for $9,995.
The child identification option records scanned fingerprints and digital photographs of children on compact discs for parents.
In the case of a child abduction, the disc can be used to generate thousands of "Amber Alert" paper notices.
The system can also be used for background checks for concealed firearm permits and to scan biometric fingerprints for the booking of detainees and prisoners.