Getting into the game

Thursday, July 1, 2004

There seems to be constant reinvention taking place in the security market. Everywhere you look these days, companies are finding ways to solidify their reach in this ever-changing, yet growing market.

It’s evident with all the acquisition activity and reorganization taking place - that to be top in this game, it’s important to move with the market. And while that can be said with nearly any market, in security, which I dare say has attracted more attention than any other business since the dot-com days, it’s imperative to change.

We’ve already seen this transformation begin to take place within the manufacturer community. We have the likes of Honeywell, United Technologies Corp., Bosch and General Electric all entering this market within a few short years, as the world’s need for security increases significantly. And there’s little doubt that additional companies will come into the foray, as well.

But the manufacturer is not alone in this battle to stay on top of technology, to offer the best access control product, perimeter security sensor or image tracking video systems. Systems integrators and installers need to keep up with the pace.

I expect that many of you would agree that new technology is coming to the security market at a faster rate than ever before. The challenge now is how to keep up with it, to weed out what is a good product and what is not, to identify what is real-ware and what is vapor ware.

I’ve often wondered, how do you do it? It’s a challenge alone to run a business, but to stay on top of the latest and greatest in the market and know when it’s right to implement new technology is an entirely different ballgame.

I’ve noticed that some companies are quick to embrace the newest gadgets on the market, while others take more of a cautious approach. Some wait until the second or third version of software, or hold tight a year or so after a product’s launch before installing it in projects. Which approach is right? I don’t believe there’s an easy answer here.

Which products you choose to implement, and how soon after its release, can greatly shape your company and its future. Are you more of a surveillance system installer or do you take an integrated surveillance and access control approach? Do you offer the latest biometric technology and networked security system, or are you more of a traditional security firm offering tried and true burglar alarm products?

It’s a defining moment for the security market and it’s not just the security product manufacturer who has a hand in this. Systems integrators and installers also have a say in how this market evolves.

How so, you may wonder. If you’re not already, get involved and become part of the security community. Share information with your peers, initiate an open dialogue with your security product manufacturer about types of products that you need to get the job done, and lastly, become an active member of your local or national security association.

There’s so much at stake in the security market today - technology is changing and companies need to evolve and reinvent themselves to keep up with this pace. It’s time to get into the game.