Global ePoint hires industry veteran

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. - The beginning of 2005 marked a new push into the security industry for Global ePoint as the company launched its Perpetual and Sequent product lines to address the dealer and integrator channels.

The company was originally launched in the IT sector by computer industry veterans but expanded its offerings to include security. Global ePoint also recently hired industry veteran Joe Cappelletti to head its new security division.

According to Walter Haldeman, director of marketing at the company, the acquisition of DVR solutions provider and systems integrator Perpetual Digital in April 2004 jump started the company’s push into the market.

“Based on our history as a computer developer and manufacturer, as well as a DVR OEM manufacturer, we have a unique understanding of the electronic security market and the direction it is headed,” said Toresa Lou, chief executive officer at the company.

Now, the Perpetual DVR line coupled with Sequent, which provides wireless mobile video surveillance solutions - will play a large role in securing the company’s place in the market.

To assist with its goals, the company has hired former ADI President Joe Cappelletti to head up the digital technology group. The position is Cappelletti’s first position within the security industry since his non-compete agreement with the low-voltage product distributor expired. He said Global ePoint’s approach and IT background is unique to the market.

“We recognize that there are a number of DVR companies in the industry,” said Cappelletti, “but we feel strongly that our product’s key advantage in terms of robust feature set, price point and product quality.”

Greg Edelman, vice president of business development for the digital technology division, said what sets the Perpetual DVR apart from others in the market is the company’s advanced timeline and object search, concurrent and executable back-up capabilities and digital signature features.

“Our products are also specifically designed to be intuitive and flexible to cover the needs of both the dealer/integrator and the end user,” Edelman said. He also said the company’s products are able to integrate with other security solutions such as access control, alarm systems and emergency monitoring software.

In the future, the company also looks to offer a wide variety of electronic security products although they did not specifically mention what areas they would delve into.

“If we see a need in the market, we have the ability to produce a high quality, cost effective product that fulfills that need.”