HBMG enters security with Armida

IT integrator and development house banks on wireless solution for physical play
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

AUSTIN - HBMG, a traditionally IT - focused integrator with 65 employees based here, has entered a strategic partnership with wireless surveillance solution manufacturer Armida as part of a plan to enter the physical security market. The company has also recently added futurist David Smith as chief executive officer.
As part of the deal, HBMG will market and help develop Armida’s technology, which eliminates packet loss in a wireless environment and makes wireless products operating on different frequencies interoperable. The company is looking for other integrators to partner with and work Armida products into installations.
Smith said “horizontal digital convergence,” where the IT backbone can work for many aspects of an enterprise, demands products like Armida’s, both for security applications and in other industries. Maybe there’s an application on the battlefield, or with IP TV installations, or in the oil industry, he theorized. “The roughnecks of the future will be using robotics, sensors and high-definition video,” he said. “If I’m trying to run something like that on an oil well, I probably want something that won’t have signal dropout.”
Sloan Foster, Armida chief marketing officer, will join HBMG as vice president of marketing. SSN