HeiTel enters U.S. market

German IP and HD video maker leads through central stations
Sunday, February 1, 2009

ODENTON, Md.--German video transmission and recording system manufacturer HeiTel Digital Video GmbH has established a U.S.-based company here, HeiTel Digital Video USA, and is actively developing distribution and dealer relationships. Dirk Ostermann, chief executive officer of the new firm, said the company’s first move was to join the CSAA, as the company’s strength is its solution for video alarm monitoring.

“In Europe,” he said, “we are number one for video alarm monitoring. We want to expand this market in the United States.”

The company has hired two full-time sales representatives and has established relationships with manufacturers representatives throughout the South and Midwest.

“Everything is IP-based,” Ostermann said. “We were the first company to launch DVRs able to record megapixel cameras and we’ll make them available to the alarm monitoring centers so every alarm monitoring center can handle high-definition video.” He touted a hybrid unit that’s specialized for megapixel recording and transmission that also integrates with an iPhone application that allows viewing at 12 frames per second of either live or recorded video.

Ostermann said the company’s products are interoperable with most camera brands - Axis, Arecont, Panasonic, “all camera flavors are accessible. If they like their cameras, but don’t have transmission capability, they can do that with our DVR technology. We don’t care if the customer prefers analog cameras. You can add those, too. We also have a long lists of PTZ camera manufacturers we’ve integrated.”

HeiTel USA has created a 24/7 support line, has stock available, and has opened a facility for training, as well.