Help me help you

Friday, May 1, 2009

This is the first time you’ve heard from me on this page in more than a year. When I entered the industry as the new publisher of Security Systems News, I wanted to say, “Hi.” Then I thought it best to keep my mouth shut and pay attention to how this industry actually works.

Now I’m back to tell you that I want something. I want to help. Coming into security from the wireless industry, I’ve seen firsthand how important the industry associations are to making the security industry the proud and tradition-based community it is. These associations not only keep us abreast of the latest issues and lobby on our behalf, but they also provide a way for all of us to come together from time to time and share our successes and failures, our best practices and major screw-ups.

That’s why I’m looking forward to ESX. Yes, it will be a chance to catch up with some of my new friends in the business. But it’s also where I’ll find out how I’ve done in running for a seat on the NBFAA Board as the Associate Member Company Representative.

Why am I running for this position? Because I think I can help the NBFAA accomplish many of its goals. As publisher of the industry’s newspaper of record, I’m constantly in contact with the industry’s vendors, who represent potential new recruits for associate membership. Further, I speak with the associate members all the time (they’re our current and potential advertisers) so I know their pain points and can speak for them as a group, rather than being in competition with them.

Plus, I go to all of these events anyway, so I might as well chair a meeting while I’m there.

No, I haven’t been in the industry since Eisenhower was president, but I hope you might see that as a good thing. In a security industry that’s being forced to constantly adapt to the newest technological advances, I have a background in high-technology, and I watched the wireless industry struggle with many of the same issues that security is faced with today. How can we create standards that support competition but don’t leave the industry commoditized? How can we educate our industry about the newest advances and attract new talent? How can vendors support the channel and help you dealers and integrators with your growing pains?

These are the issues with which I’d like to help the NBFAA and I hope you’ll support my bid to become the next Associate Member Company Representative to the NBFAA Board.