Hile joins Siemens

PSIA head to lead new integration division
Saturday, August 1, 2009

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill.--Former Adesta VP of business development and PSIA chairman Rob Hile has joined Siemens Building Technologies as director of Integrated Security Systems, a newly formed business segment. He’ll report directly to VP Carey P. Boethel, who continues to make good on his plan to gather talent from throughout the security industry.

In this case, however, it was Hile who approached Boethel, at this year’s TechSec Solutions conference. “I could tell, based on the restructuring and movement in the organization, that Siemens was a place I wanted to be,” Hile said. “From where I was sitting, there were only a couple of organizations that were world class and if they got their act together they were going to dominate. I told [Boethel] I was interested in going to an organization that could provide me with some structure ... an organization that can make me a great manager. There’s clearly nobody better at that than Siemens.”

What makes Siemens world class?

“Siemens has the breadth of products,” Hile said. “And when you look at the levels of integration their products are capable of, and that we have more than 100 offices in the U.S. alone, that can’t really be matched.”

Hile’s new business unit is one of three that have been created within the Security Solutions unit that Boethel runs. Integrated Security Systems will focus on very complex, large-scale integration projects, Hile said, often involving some kind of custom software work. The other two units, Lifecycle Security and Management Services, will focus on smaller installations and services that can leverage Siemens’ two central stations, respectively.

“I see security as a service as being in its infancy,” Hile said, “but with the monitoring capabilities Siemens has, I think it’s going to be an awesome match” with the integrated security customers.