Home CCTV films murder of cab driver

SSN Staff  - 
Wednesday, March 1, 2006

QUEENS, N.Y.--The tape from a home security system camera that inadvertently caught a cab driver being robbed and murdered was used in the January trial of the alleged killer, Paul Chandler, a security guard at JFK International Airport, the New York Daily News reported.
In November 2002, a neighbor's security camera, which was trained on a parking area behind a two-family home in Woodside, captured Luis Quizhpi, a yellow cab driver, returning home from work and being accosted by two men. Pursued by the two men, Quizhpi fled out of the camera's range, but could be heard struggling; a gun shot could also be heard. At the trial, Quizhpi's wife testified that she heard the gunshots, ran outside and discovered her husband dying.