Honeywell to integrate fire annunciation into government platform

Saturday, July 1, 2006

AUSTIN, Texas--Underwriters Laboratories has given Honeywell the green light to integrate fire annunciation capabilities into its high-security government platform, the company announced May 31.
Called Vindicator, this specialty component of Honeywell's security portfolio is designed to meet the very specific requirements of government customers, including "military facilities and very high-security government agencies and offices," said John Waldron, marketing manager for Honeywell Industrial Security and Vindicator.
The UL certification enables Vindicator to broadcast fire alarm information to local and remote security personnel, helping them to respond faster to fire emergencies.
"This does not take over any functions of the fire system; we're augmenting it," Waldron said. This creates "tight integration" of the fire and security systems, allows the security system to take a fire system alarm and make it visible and alerts the operator of the security system so he or she can "call the fire department or police or send a guard out or use a camera to get more information."
Waldron said this integration certification "was done at customer request, but we believe it will have broad appeal certainly to our [government] customers and we think beyond that" to other commercial customers, "who invest large amounts in their security infrastructure."