Honeywell unveils integrated philosophy at ISC

ISC West push will be Total Connect, vertical focus, interoperability
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

MELVILLE, N.Y.—As Honeywell prepares for ISC West, leaders of the intrusion, video and access control product lines said you’ll see a different booth this year.
“The big difference is tighter integration,” said Mike Scirica, global marketing leader for Honeywell Video Systems. “End users have been asking for more integrated solutions, but we’ve been going to the show with structured business units. Now it will be more wide open spaces, so from any of the kiosks, you’ll be able to see the rest of our offerings.”
Further, said John Smith, senior marketing manager for Honeywell Access Systems, “it’s organized by vertical market, and by how important security is to that business.” Honeywell is using three different classifications now: mission critical, for things like government operations and critical infrastructure; traditional security, which is for retail, education, and commercial operations; and global enterprises, “where it’s more about the return that the security system can provide.”
This focus on integration is at every product level as well, Smith said. Honeywell is now promoting for the first time the completion of its goal to have every product at every level be able to integrate with a central platform. “No matter what vertical, no matter what type of risk management you’re doing,” said Smith, “the key is that a dealer can now provide a complete array of solutions across the platform.”
Also, Smith and Scirica explained, for the first time at ISC West, there will be an IP option for every access product and there is now an IP-based selection in every camera category.
On the intrusion side, IP communication is very much top of mind, said Gordon Hope, general manager of Honeywell’s AlarmNet IP monitoring solution. This show will be the first big push to residential dealers of the Total Connect solution that allows dealers to offer a number of extra services to customers with an IP connection coming into the home: remote activation and deactivation, notification of alarm events through SMS or email, control of certain home automation functions, and more.
“ISC West is the first time we’ll really let people take a look at Total Connect from cradle to grave,” said Honeywell director of marketing communications for security and custom electronics Ralph Maniscalco. He emphasized, too, that the central station will always be the primary focus of the IP connectivity. “The position of these services is always on top of what life-safety products offer.” SSN