IControl adds cellular back-up to platform

Partners with M2M mobile technology company Telit Wireless Solutions
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PALO ALTO, Calif.--IControl Networks, a provider of home security software and services, is currently testing a cellular addition to its Home Security 2.0 platform, which will provide users a third means of communication for its system.

IControl partnered with Telit Wireless Solutions, a machine-to-machine mobile technology company based in Raleigh, N.C., to incorporate cellular technology as a back-up communication path for its home security solution. The company began working with Telit more than a year ago, and began trial testing the enhanced solution in August, said Reza Raji, president and chief operating officer of iControl Networks.

IControl incorporated Telit’s GE864-QUAD GSM/GPRS module into its iHub router, which wirelessly connects the home network to security panels, IP cameras and other home control devices. If the telephone or broadband connection fails, Telit’s module will relay the data via GPRS.

Raji said one of the key features of the Telit cellular technology is its anti-jamming capabilities. “With broadband, the line can be cut so you want to be able to fall back on cellular, but with cellular people can also jam or hack the device’s signal,” he said. “Telit will notify the user if someone is intentionally jamming the connection.”

Both the end user and monitoring station can be notified if the cellular signal is disturbed, said Raji. Telit’s Jamming Detection and Report feature alerts central stations and consumers of network interference.

Raji said Telit’s cellular technology will “work with any cellular network” and the system’s SIM card will determine the network.