ICx launches VAR program

Thursday, March 22, 2007

WASHINGTON--ICx Technologies, a venture-capital-backed corporation comprising business units developing security products used "from the fence out," announced March 21 the launch of a Value Added Reseller program.
After Sept. 11, 2001, Wexford Capital started buying an assortment of corporations with different specialties. ICx Technologies was incorporated in 2003 as one corporation with 14 business units. It had reached the point where it had to decide whether to "hire a large marketing and sales staff with project managers and business development people and try to become an integrator, or we could focus on our core strength: product development and manufacturing [and launch a VAR program]," said Lynn Welch, director of marketing for ICx's Digital Infrared Imaging business unit.
The VAR program, headed by Jeff Penny, vice president of surveillance, GSA and partner programs for ICx technologies, will include a "highly select group of nationwide resellers."
Names of resellers who have already signed on were not immediately released. Welch said they are integrators who "primarily sell directly into federal agencies. They're DoD contractors or commercial entities that have federal contracts." However, ICx products are used in many non-government commercial applications; the Digital Infrared Imaging business unit's cameras protect 25 of the country's roughly 50 nuclear power plants. ICx has targeted 25 major cities for reseller representation and plans to set up five regional hubs: Northeast, Southeast, Central, Northwest and Southwest.
Welch said ICx expects the VARs to provide ongoing service, warrantee work and keep customers happy because service is performed by local technicians and therefore faster.
ICx has two divisions: one that focuses on detection using chemical, biological, radiological and explosive technologies; and a second that focuses on surveillance solutions and perimeter reconnaissance.
While most security companies "focus on securing facilities from the fence in, ICx focuses on securing a facility from the fence out," said Welch. ICx expects its VARs to find that ICx products complement their "inside-the-fence" products.