Infrastruct to hold Giuliani fundraiser

Thursday, December 27, 2007

HOUSTON--Following Gov. Rick Perry's recent endorsement of former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani's candidacy president, at least one other group of Texans have thrown their support behind him: Infrastruct Security. Chief executive officer and company president Dan Weiss said last week his company will host a fundraiser for Giuliani at company headquarters here, Jan. 23.
"I'm supportive of him," said Weiss. "I think he's good for the security industry and I want to help get him elected president."
Giuliani has considerable ties to Texas. He was the first to file for Texas' primary, with Gov. Perry filing his papers for him, and his campaign manager is Houston lawyer Pat Oxford, managing partner of the international law firm based here, Bracewell & Giuliani, which the mayor joined in 2005.
He also has ties to the security industry. His post-Mayoral activities include Giuliani Partners, which offers consulting services on security and public safety matters around the globe. In April, Giuliani left his post with GP to focus on his presidential campaign.
The Texas primary will be held March 4, when all but 17 states will have held their primaries or caucuses. Many political observers think the Republican nomination will be largely decided on Feb. 5, when 22 states, including California and New York, will hold their primaries or caucuses.