Integrator Infrastruct to rebrand

Announces $5m in funding; new name, Dowley Security Systems
Thursday, April 1, 2010

HOUSTON—Infrastruct Security, an integrator that has targeted the critical infrastructure market here in the Gulf area and has been acquisitive over the past five years, has decided to rebrand to Dowley Security System, as of April 21. The move is part of a reinvigorating process, said CEO James Brown, that has been helped by $5.2 in new financing, coming from a collection of old and new investors.

Why abandon Infrastruct, which seems to speak clearly to the company’s focus, and change to Dowley, a brand the company eliminated from the market three years ago when it bought an Oklahoma City company by that name?

“I think it’s a matter of playing to your strengths,” said Brown, “and the Dowley name is our most valuable asset. Even after the acquisition, the brand refused to die, just because of the commitment of its people, the passion of its culture. Through the challenging periods that Infrastruct experienced, that was really the lion’s share of the life-force that sustained us.”

Founded in 1986, Dowley developed very strong customer loyalty, James said, through “the Dowley way,” a concept of exceptional service that the former Infrastruct has adopted and will carry forward.

Brown was brought onboard in August of 2009 to shore up what he described as a company with an excellent focus and business plan, but poor execution. The company will continue to focus on a service-based approach to supplying security systems to the critical infrastructure market, especially oil and gas companies that are prevalent in the Gulf area.

The company purchased Dowley Security in the summer of 2007, then purchased Patriot Security, in Beaumont, Texas, in the spring of 2008. It’s possible, said Brown, that the company will again be acquisitive, but this round of investment, which continues involvement from Murphree Ventures, the Louisiana Fund, and Kestrel Capital, is primarily targeted at funding the rebranding efforts and getting the company focused on service excellence.

“The Dowley way is something that we believe in,” said Brown, “and it’s what drove their success for 15 years, and it’s something that we’re taking regionally and then nationally ... It’s about world-class people who care deeply about the client. It’s something that we talk about every day.”