Integrator SimplexGrinnell earns its Microsoft Certification

Friday, March 1, 2002

WESTMINSTER, Mass.-SimplexGrinnell has recently become a member of the Microsoft Certified Partner Program, a program that recognizes systems integrators for their expertise in using a Microsoft operating system.

The distinction is the first of its kind for a systems integrator with the size and scope of Simplex-Grinnell, according to Tom Giannini, director of the integrated security systems group for SimplexGrinnell.

"I believe we're the only national integrator at this level that has the Microsoft Certified partnership," said Giannini.

For SimplexGrinnell, being recognized as a Microsoft Certified Partner highlights the company's expertise in customizing, designing, programming and network configuring for CCTV, access control and alarm monitoring.

"It gives you the ability to maximize product, trouble shoot and engineer," said Giannini.

Overall, it improves the company's capabilities, he said.

"Microsoft operating systems and database management systems are the foundation of all the current integrated security systems that SimplexGrinnell sells and supports, so there are significant benefits for our customers" he said. "The added expertise we've developed as a Microsoft Certified Partner also enhances our ability to work cooperatively and effectively with customer IT organizations."

The process began about three years ago. Over that time, SimplexGrinnell had to have a certain number of employees recognized as Microsoft Certified Professionals, Database Administrators and Systems Engineers.

This fall the company finally achieved the required level and expertise, with more than 55 employees total that are Microsoft Certified. Of those, 20 are certified Systems Engineers and five are Database Administrators.

"The greatest advantage is we now have a group of people with an advanced skill set," said Giannini.