Ioimage gets smarter

Acquires technological assets of Unisor
Thursday, March 15, 2007

HERZLIYA, Israel--Ioimage announced on March 7 it has acquired the technological assets of Unisor, a company that specializes in embedded design and product development. With the acquisition, ioimage gains the patent-pending lvm platform, a low-latency video encoder for high-end, video-based applications developed by Unisor. Moshe Lerner, Unisor's founder, has joined ioimage as its executive vice president of engineering, along with "dozens of engineers" that have come with him, said Roni Kass, chief executive officer of ioimage. With the addition of the new staff, "We took one more complete floor of the building we're in, so we currently have three floors" at the headquarters in Herzliya.
Terms of the deal were not released, though Kass said it was "very worthwhile." In addition to expanding its engineering team, "we are continuing to expand from high-end defense to the commercial level, addressing all different markets in the security pyramid," Kass said. Calling his company a place where you can do "one-stop shopping," he said, "Whether you need to protect a border or a school, we have the solutions."
Why was this the right deal for Unisor? "We were looking for ways to grow the company," said Lerner "and ioimage was a perfect match, as they had the right platform to market [our products] and were the best technology fit. We were looking to be part of a company that's is a leader in its field. There is a good match between both technologies and companies, and from day one, we started working together as if we were already working [together for] a few years."
One of the technologies Lerner speaks of is Unisor's lvm platform, which is a low-latency, high-performance video encoder for high-end, video-based applications. This miniature encoder is currently used for remote surveillance by homeland security, defense and military organizations. Kass believes it will also revolutionize the commercial security sector. "With ptz cameras, you want the lowest latency possible. The lvm platform provides the lowest at 48 milliseconds, which is almost real-time. It's six to ten times better than any encoder out there on the market." Now marketed as part of the ioibox series of video encoders, Kass said ioimage plans to deploy the lvm platform in its future products.
Although both ioimage and Unisor have their roots in defense applications, Kass said that he is most proud of the fact that "every day our commercial section is growing more and more" with installations now at "universities and car plants," among other places. Said Kass, "You can put our products everywhere. Usually, it's very difficult to set up equipment, so [our competitors] can only target high-end projects. We are proud that we don't know most of our end-users, because we have a true plug-and-play video solution."