IP camera numbers released

Thursday, April 24, 2008

SANTA CLARA, Calif., and SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--Two new reports on the IP camera markets have been published, from Santa Clara Consulting and MultiMedia Intelligence. Both find the market growing rapidly: Santa Clara puts 2007 IP camera sales growth at 82 percent in the United States, Canada and Latin America; MultiMedia has IP camera sales growing by 48 percent worldwide in 2007.
"I think a lot of people will be surprised to see how fast the IP camera market grew in 2007," said David Bunzel, managing partner at Santa Clara Consulting and the author of Security Camera Tracker, which also includes numbers for analog camera sales, and breaks down camera sales also by camera type: box, fixed-dome, PTZ, and "other." "It was clearly in the 80 percent range ... and the overall total is approaching 20 percent of all camera sales, which is higher than a lot of people are expecting."
At what point will it cross over with analog and be the leading format? "It's slower than people hope," said Bunzel. "It's going to be about five years before they represent more than half of the market at least."
Santa Clara also identifies market segmentation by image sensor type for IP cameras: CCD, CMOS and DPS (of which Pixim is currently the only manufacturer). For example, IP cameras using CMOS sensors represent 33 percent of the market.
The MultiMedia report, Internet Protocol/Networked Video Surveillance Market: Equipment, Technology & Semiconductors, is more wide-ranging, and also looks at DVRs, encoders/streamers, and video analytics.
Santa Clara covered much of this territory late last year in a report titled, Technology Convergence: Trends for the Physical Security Industry.
For the Santa Clara report, visit www.sccg.com. For the MultiMedia report, visit www.multimediaintelligence.com.