IP firms partner

Verint teams with Vicon, Orsus
Monday, September 1, 2008

MELVILLE, N.Y.--Verint improved its video offerings in two different directions in July, announcing partnerships with Vicon and Orsus that will, respectively, add a PTZ offering to its IP line and let its Nextiva line integrate in one of the leading command and control platforms.

The deal with Vicon allows Verint to launch a new IP PTZ camera, the Nextiva S2800e, which combines the Vicon SurveyorVFT with Verint’s encoding technology. Essentially, “Vicon sells us the analog PTZ,” said Guy Shahmoon, director of product management for edge devices at Verint, “then we take it, open it, physically integrate our encoder-which was a bit customized to fit physically into the camera. We reassemble everything, then we sell it.”

Both Shahmoon and Vicon’s Bret McGowan, vice president of U.S. sales and marketing, called the deal “unique.” McGowan said the PTZ that Verint is reselling is “a differentiator for us, so we didn’t want to put that in the hands of our direct competitors. We think Verint is different enough that it wouldn’t really drive conflict.”

The Orsus deal-Orsus’s situation management software platform fully supports and is enhanced by Verint’s full Nextiva line-is less unique; both companies have similar arrangements with other vendors.

However, “the pressure from the market was high,” said Marc-Aintoine Lamontagne, product manager for Verint. “Adesta came to us and said that their customers were pushing for this solution ... Looking at it, we found it was a great fit with our solutions and it does not compete us.”

Rafi Bhonker, vice president of marketing at Orsus, said “one of the reasons Verint [was] at the top of [our] list is that they’re open, they’re moving fast. We have excellent relationships with them at a people level, and they have customers.”