IPVideo Corporation welcomes Perry Behr as North East regional sales manager

SSN Staff  - 
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BAY SHORE, N.Y.—IPVideo Corporation, a leading manufacturer of VMS (Video Management Systems) and PSIM solutions, on Sept. 15 announced the hiring of Perry Behr as North East regional sales manager. Behr's main efforts will be focused in the North East United States. IPVideo Corporation has been experiencing rapid growth nationwide and wants to take advantage of the opportunities in this region.

“I'm very excited about moving to IPVideo . I've been in the industry a long time and when I decided to make a change I wanted to join a security manufacturer with a defined growth plan and a strong product line. IPVideo’s VMS and PSIM are ‘best of breed’ products built around what clients need, for today’s challenging security environment,” said Behr. "Customers are confused by products which do not fully explain features and functions and they are frustrated by pricing schemes that require an accountant to understand. IPVideo’s products are engineered for real world applications and both product features and pricing are clearly presented.”