IQinVision gets input from Select Security, creates IQVerify System

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

LANCASTER, Pa.--Three years ago, executives at IQinVision came up with the idea of using the company's smart cameras in conjunction with video alarm verification.
Paul Bodell, vice president of sales and marketing at IQinVision, talked to central station owners about the idea, but the response was less than enthusiastic. "It was a bit too early for them," said Bodell. But, "today, with broadband being ubiquitous, we sensed it was time and began researching again."
IQinVision's sales and marketing team started by visiting Pat and Kerry Egan at Select Security, who gave them a tour of their new central station. Bodell was amazed at how complex the products were for the operator to use and how poor the image quality was. "In addition, these systems required the central station owner to install expensive, proprietary equipment at the central station," said Bodell, who soon "sensed an opportunity." Immediately after the visit, the development team at IQinVision started developing a proof-of-concept video alarm verification product based on their IQ Smart Megapixel Network Camera, which Bodell then presented to the Egans. "They gave us valuable feedback and from that we developed our IQverify video alarm verification system."
Pat Egan, President of Select Security, is an eager supporter of the product. "IQinVision has the finest IP-based camera with the most intelligence out there today with the most flexible software and robust platform on the market." Egan also said central station owners need to be looking ahead today in order to compete in the industry.
"More and more customers have high-speed networks in their buildings. It's not all wire cutters and screwdrivers anymore," Egan said. "We are selling more and more alarm systems that are using Internet monitoring. If you're already in the building running cables for Internet, it's a natural extension to bring video verification into the monitoring center to verify the actions you're about to take. Verified response is where we're headed. It is clearly an emerging technology that this industry better embrace," said Egan, "because the police are going to enforce its use." (See "Market Trends," on page 33, for more on video verification.)
IQinVision expects several central stations to be using IQverify by the end of 2006 and "once word spreads about its ease of installation and use, I expect sales to really accelerate in Q1, 2007," said Bodell.