ISecuretrac triples monitoring center, adds staff

Thursday, May 3, 2007

OMAHA, Neb.--ISecuretrac, an electronic monitoring solutions provider here, announced May 1 it is expanding the size of its community supervision monitoring center, tripling its capacity. The center will officially open May 4, with Congressman Lee Terry, senior member of the Nebraska house delegation, presiding over a ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Peter Michel, former chief executive officer of Brinks Home Security, is president and chief executive officer of iSecuretrac. "We're in a fairly aggressive expansion," he said. "We have invested millions of dollars over the past couple years in hardware and software, of which the monitoring center is a part." So far, iSecuretrac has 14 statewide contracts with departments of correction across the United States and in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. "Our numbers are proprietary, but strong and growing; the U.S. is the market where electronic monitoring is really taking off," he said. "We see this market growing by a factor of five over the next four years. This monitoring center opening is part of the overall picture."
The new 1,800-square-foot facility near iSecuretrac's corporate headquarters will be staffed by trained monitoring center professionals. "Our employees are trained by us, and so are knowledgeable of how the system works, how it's utilized. We work all these protocols out in advance," said Michel. The center will include 22 GPS and remote alcohol monitoring stations, conference rooms and a training facility. Monitoring information and reports are available on a single web-based software platform developed by iSecuretrac called Tracnet.
ISecuretrac has had a monitoring center here for some time, which has provided reactionary and back-up support for law enforcement agencies. "What we're really doing is shifting from a reactive site to a proactive site, and it had to be bigger and stocked with different types of electronics to really do that. It's about three times the size and the physical location is what we're celebrating, but in fact, we've added substantial capability to our enabling software."
ISecuretrac has increased its staff recently by adding 20 people to accommodate for new accounts and technology.
The company also has an active dealer program. "Some are security dealers, and some are more from the electronic or law enforcement side," Michel said. "We are looking for additional dealers, but we are extremely selective. We want to make sure we're picking people that are committed." So far, "we've had very good luck and have learned a lot as we've evolved. The dealer component is a very important part of our business."
How does Michel bring his 13 years of experience at Brink's to bear at iSecuretrac? "The secret is that there are no secrets. The way is to have outstanding quality, a highly dedicated workforce, and you make your frontline people helpful and fully equipped to assist customers. Quality is what wins," said Michel.