Israeli companies join forces to provide systems

SSN Staff  - 
Wednesday, January 1, 2003

YEHUD, Israel -MATE-Media Access Technologies and Buzz-VC, two Israeli companies, recently signed an agreement to market an integrated system that enables active, real-time surveillance and response of remote sites.

“The Integration of MATE real time face recognition and area surveillance capabilities with Buzz-VC remote video control capabilities result in a powerful package for both customers and control centers alike,” said Dr. Itzhak Wilf, MATE’s Chief Executive Officer.

This system provides real-time face recognition and area surveillance and provides active, real time remote surveillance and response from control centers. The servers detect and alert based on real time face recognition or automatic area surveillance and transmit those alerts via the Buzz-VC system to the control center for active alarm triggering. The control center verifies triggered alarms and controls the remote site video and audio system, thus effectively minimizing or eliminating the need for manned guarding in remote sites.