Jackson to DMP

Manufacturer taps integrator veteran for expansion
Friday, September 1, 2006

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--Bill Jackson, formerly the president of full-service alarm company Per Mar Security, based in Iowa, where he recently led the acquisition of Midwest Alarm Services, clearly understands the customer's perspective as Digital Monitoring Products' new president and chief operating officer. Jackson became familiar with the company as a customer, landing on a company advisory board and learning the organization from the inside. "DMP is a fascinating company," Jackson said, "with a great history; a company that innovates rather than follows." He cited the company's work with IP monitoring products as particularly visionary.
Now, just three months on the job, Jackson is overseeing the construction of a 92,000-square-foot expansion of the company's facilities here. The new facilities will allow for an increase in production, more room for inventory and more offices for employees. "Twenty thousand [square feet of the new space] is necessary to meet current needs," said Jackson. "Beyond that, we're looking to be able to accommodate growth."
That growth is going to come, Jackson said, largely through continuing what DMP is already doing. "DMP is a unique organization in that it is very customer-focused to begin with," he said of his new company. "And it's very successful. It's not like I'm here fighting fires. The biggest challenge for me is to find ways to add value without changing things radically, because they just don't need to be changed." Jackson praised the management team already in place, who collectively have a great deal of time served with the manufacturer of products designed to serve the central station market.
Jackson would like to bring organizational rigor to the company, so company owner Rick Britton can focus on product development. "What I'm hoping to do is introduce some of the things I did at Per Mar," said Jackson, "developing people at all levels of the company, particularly within our leadership team." He cited engineers as a current focus of recruitment.