Jolet comes back to AMS as CEO, bringing network technology experience

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, May 18, 2006

METAIRIE, La.-- After spending time away from the industry, Rick Jolet returned to Alarm Monitoring Services as chief executive officer this May.
Jolet was the general manager for the central years ago, but left the security industry to pursue the network technology field as a field engineer, technology consultant and project manager for Digital, Compaq, GE Capital and HP.
His return to the market coincides with Alarm Monitoring Services, a UL-listed central station, renovating a facility in North Louisiana and preparing for construction of a new facility in suburban New Orleans.
"We never went down during Katrina and our customers want to know we'll be monitoring through the next one," Jolet said in a written statement. "This expansion will allow us to offer a level of disaster protection no one in the region can match."
For more information on Jolet's network technology experience and what it can do for the security industry and AMS' expansion, see the July issue of Security Systems News.