Kondek to head Dallmeier USA

European power to tackle U.S. casino market first
Monday, September 14, 2009

AUSTIN, Texas—To go along with new corporate headquarters here and a new head of U.S. operations in Dieter Kondek, Dallmeier has a new focus on creating North American sales and working with North American integrators. “Nobody knows Dallmeier here. That’s the problem,” said Kondek, who has also run operations for DynaPel, AgentVI, and Via:sys in the past five years. “But in Germany, in Europe, Dallmeier is one of the leading manufacturers.”

The company will continue, for the time being, to manufacture product in Germany, but Kondek hopes to move some assembly here to the United States. “We’re doing a lot of shipping stuff around right now,” he said, “which is expensive. But we’re definitely not moving manufacture to Asia. We’re high quality.”

For smaller systems, focused around the Leonardo line of DVRs, Diversified Systems, a commercial integrator out of North Carolina, will be the primary installer and reseller. But Kondek has his eyes set on much larger projects, specifically in the Indian casino market, and scoffs at reports in this paper that 1,500 cameras is the largest all-IP installation in a casino. “We have an installation that is state of the art world-wide,” he said. “The City of Dreams, in Macau, with is totally Dallmeier, all IP, every single piece IP, and is 5,000 channels.”

“In the casino business, Dallmeier is the biggest in Europe and Asia,” he continued, “and this is what we’ll be focusing on. We’ve focused on total solutions.” There is a Dallmeier Casino Cam, a special set-up for watching slot machines or table games, and integration with point-of-sale systems, all designed specifically for the casino market. 

Kondek said to look for Dallmeier to grow rapidly in the United States, drawing on the talent pool available in Austin. “This is getting to be a technology hub,” he said, citing excellent University of Texas grads, Dell’s move to the city, and the daily direct flights to San Jose. “It’s Silicon Valley south,” he said.