LaserShield dealer forum knows how to motivate

Thursday, December 13, 2007

ORLANDO, Fla.--Not often at security events do you get smoke, lights and a live appearance by Dr. Gadget all in one. But this second LaserShield Millionaire Alarm Dealer Forum, held Dec. 7 through 9 here at the happiest place on earth, featured three days of such well-orchestrated and high-tech presentations in an effort to educate and motivate potential dealers.
LaserShield Systems, a developer of "PlugNGo" monitored security solutions, has "signed on over 100 dealers since our Los Angeles event in September," said Paul Udell, northwest regional director for LaserShield, who also said that a large number of the dealers it recruits are new to the security industry.
Dave Monroe of Durham, Conn., who had no previous experience in the security industry, became a LaserShield dealer in November after he saw a television program that recommended LaserShield and he, in turn, recommended it to his brother-in-law as a solution to protect his garage. His brother-in-law was so happy with the system that it motivated Monroe to pursue a dealership position. Monroe attended this weekend's forum to "gain training guidance and direction," he said. "LaserShield has been very receptive to whatever you need to be successful and they provide you with training and resources at a local level with their regional managers."
LaserShield's unconventional approach to selling security systems began with its focus on marketing its product through radio and television advertising and selling its systems through retail outlets such as CompUSA and Circuit City. However, president and chief executive officer Anthony Dohrmann said in his opening speech of Saturday's event that "people want to talk to an expert about their security system" and therefore LaserShield has begun building its dealer network.
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