LaserShield markets to masses

Rapid Response provides monitoring
Thursday, February 1, 2007

LAS CRUCES, N.M.--LaserShield Systems announced Jan. 2 that its new Instant Security System is now available nationwide through CompUSA stores. The plug-and-go standalone system features professional monitoring through Rapid Response in N.Y.
Said LaserShield chief executive officer Anthony Dohrmann, "We've sold about 3,000 units in the last 16 weeks." The product is being marketed to "seniors, college students, parents, and small businesses," among others, according to Dorhmann.
For $19.95, end users can activate the Rapid Response Monitoring Service. Russell MacDonnell, chief executive officer of Rapid Response, said, "Lasershield approached us about four years ago ... most of our monitoring is for the traditional dealer, and this was an entirely different offering." MacDonnell said his company took great pains to ensure that Lasershield would not compete with traditional dealers.
The starter system, at $199.95, includes a master alarm unit, a wireless motion detector and two remotes. Although video surveillance is not available with the system yet, Dorhmann said it is "something the company is exploring" for the future. Likening LaserShield's approach to that of Dell computers, Dorhmann said, in the past, "manufacturing, monitoring, installer networks, they've all been fragmented. It's the first time a company has integrated the entire process, moving [the product] through the supply chain to the end user, including activating the system."
LaserShield's ad campaign includes spots on CNN and Fox News Network. "You'll be seeing a lot of us over the next six months--2007 is a big year for us," said Dorhmann.