LifeStyle acquires FutureSmart systems

Thursday, May 1, 2003

DALLAS - Home networking integrator LifeStyle Innovations has added structured wiring provider FutureSmart Systems in a move that continues LifeStyle’s efforts to grow and expand its brand name.

According to LifeStyle President Paul Johnson, with the acquisition of FutureSmart, LifeStyle will now have access to all of FutureSmart’s structured wiring line.

“Through them, we’ll be able to have end-to-end control of the guts or infrastructure of the smart home,” said Johnson.

Johnson adds that the acquisition of FutureSmart is a continuation of a business strategy that combines organic growth, with the acquisition of home technology integrators and also through sales of new LifeStyle franchises.

Additionally, LifeStyle expects to expand its branding strategy by creating exclusive products branded with the LifeStyle name.

Gary Tanner, FutureSmart director of marketing, said FutureSmart will continue with its current programs, including a relationship which it recently began with Intel to offer a “new generation of home network products.”

When it is rolled out later this year, the Intel/FutureSmart line will offer end users a home system integrated with an Intel-powered server which will control a variety of home systems, such as home security, lighting control, audio and video.

According to Johnson, the Intel deal was one of the reasons that LifeStyle acquired FutureSmart.

“If you can imagine the home wiring control center with an Intel server inside it, you can start to imagine what can be done in the home in the very near future,” Johnson said.