Locksmiths push for national day of recognition

Monday, September 1, 2003

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. - John Dorsey, who owns and operates Fast Lock & Safe here, has begun a petition process to have the president declare the first Monday in October Professional Locksmith’s Day.

Dorsey’s effort was inspired by the South Carolina Locksmiths Association, which was able to get that state’s governor to proclaim that same day Professional Locksmiths Day. This effort has been followed by several other states including Wisconsin, where Dorsey spearheaded the effort.

The idea began last winter in some Internet forums dedicated to locksmithing and received positive responses from a number of people in the business.

The positive results of this effort, Dorsey said, will range from an increased spirit of cooperation in the locksmith community to providing locksmiths an opportunity to promote the profession.

Dorsey asked locksmiths across the country to help in circulating petitions and collecting signatures through July. He hoped to forward the petitions to the president in August for consideration.