Mace CSSS converts to SGS' stages

Dealer program readied for fall roll out
Thursday, July 30, 2009

HORSHAM, Penn. and IRVINE, Calif.—Mace Security International on July 21 announced its recently acquired central station Mace CSSS has successfully converted to the browser-based, scripted monitoring platform stages, from Secure Global Solutions. The stages platform offers allows security dealers the ability to maintain full control of their clients and database. The software also provides comprehensive user-defined action plans to guide operators through the dispatch process, thus reducing dispatch time.

All of this is in preparation for a new Mace Dealer program, which is imminent.

Mace CSSS president Peter Giacalone said the conversion was seamless and was one of many upcoming enhancements Mace CSSS has in store. “We did a really strong conversion … Conversions are never easy. We just had the right guys on it,” Giacalone said. “There’s still a lot more work to get done, but we’re very pleased with how it went.”

Giacalone is working on certification and training for a commercial dealer program that he expects to launch this fall. “The initial flagships of this program—in addition to licensing the Mace brand—will be remote video, then we’ll fold in access control and intrusion, but it’s really meant to be a program to show our dealers how they can go after these markets successfully, and really lead the pack.”

SGS vice president Hank Goldberg believes stages offers Mace CSSS and its dealers a strong foundation from which to grow and sell a bevy of new services. “Dealers are already coming to [Mace] with demands for new kinds of monitoring,” Goldberg said. “SGS doesn’t have all the answers, but stages is the right foundation and, together with Mace personnel, we’ll find ways to get things done.”

Additionally, Giacalone said Mace CSSS would soon begin offering backStage, a network monitoring system Mace uses internally, to its dealers. BackStage monitors network devices and alerts on failures, and, through continuous data collection integrates dissimilar technologies to monitor an entire network. “We’re working on taking this to the next level of offering some external monitoring for clients to turn it into a fee basis-type value, because we have all this infrastructure.”

Mace CSSS director of central station operations Morgan Hertel feels stages will free Mace CSSS through its one-size-does-not-fit-all approach: “Stages is a browser based application. This allows SGS to provide us updates and custom work ... Currently SGS is releasing new builds every two weeks and custom stuff even more frequently,” Hertel said in an email interview. “This application is completely customizable for us, and this allows us to use conventions and terminology that we want. We are not forced into a box.”

Goldberg feels the Mace CSSS/SGS relationship will bring positive change to the industry. “There’s a change you’ll see—it’ll be years in the making—but there are some very exciting possibilities here. Our strength is as a creative manufacturer. We really provide intelligence,” Goldberg added. “What we’re doing from a business point-of-view is we’ll be partnering with a variety of companies that are very well known, and they will become the sort of distribution point for our products. Mace is exactly the kind of company we want to be with.”