Mace CSSS integrates VideoIQ's iCVR

New offering will allow dealers to 'increase revenues and margins'
Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ANAHEIM, Calif. and BEDFORD, Mass.—Mace CSSS on Dec. 1 announced a partnership with VideoIQ that will allow Mace dealers to “increase their revenues and their margins,” according to Mace Security Services president Peter Giacalone. Effective immediately dealers can sell VideoIQ’s iCVR—an intelligent IP surveillance camera with a built-in DVR. The new offering is already integrated with Mace CSSS’ automation platform Immix and will give dealers an affordable, scalable revenue-generating solution.

“VideoIQ is unique—not unique the way it’s overused in the industry—there really is no one else who does what they do … It’s the convergence of the analytics with the communication of the events and the built-in hard drive and the ease of installation. If you’re looking to do remote video management and/or remote video verification, a product like this is what you’ve been waiting for,” Giacalone said. “I tell my dealers, ‘by utilizing these analytics that are so affordable—whether it’s a one-camera system or a 10-camera system—you minimize the traffic you send to the central station, and so you minimize the fees you have to pay me.’”

VideoIQ CEO Scott Schnell feels the partnership will benefit Mace’s dealers by allowing them to offer a superior solution that has been pre-vetted by Mace CSSS while giving iCVR wider exposure. “Our product really found a great niche where experienced, sophisticated, monitoring companies, like Mace CSSS, can provide guard-like protection for facilities at a fraction of the cost of guards-on-site,” Schnell said. “I think they have a great opportunity now to serve the traditional Mace customer base, and iCVR provides a great way to do that by delivering predictable capture of threats and avoidance of false alarms that have traditionally plagued analytics systems. And that’s really the name of the game.”

VideoIQ claims iCVR is the only intelligent, analytics-on-board camera and encoder family that requires no calibration, meaning simple plug-and-play installation and immediate functionality. The iCVR combines automated event detection, a built-in DVR and integrated video management into a single solution. According to VideoIQ, the built-in analytics adapt to changes in the environment and virtually eliminate maintenance costs. Giacalone said monitoring iCVR through Mace CSSS’ Immix platform makes the whole solution even better. “It’s integrated not only for the video, but for the audio, as well. We can now do talkdowns through the iCVR’s two-way voice,” Giacalone said. Having it all tied together through Immix makes “it easier, but it also makes it better, because you’re aggregating everything—your video, your data and your audio—all in one place.”