Manufacturers check out new technologies

Sunday, October 1, 2006

With cameras proliferating like never before, and the accompanying demand for more, better, cheaper storage, manufacturers are busy working on myriad technologies to take advantage of the market.
In addition to the growing number of cameras, the market is also being driven by industry regulations and consumers' concern for protecting high value assets, said Cliff Cox, director, product management for Covi Technologies. A less tangible driver, he said, is the post-September 11 sensitivity to the value of stored video. As manufacturers look toward a promising future, what technologies are they busy working on today?
Cox, who has a background in IT, noted that video storage has much in common with data storage, but it's much trickier because it's so dense and difficult to move around, particularly when you're dealing with lots of video and/or very high quality video.
There are different ways of moving the video around, to compress the video or alter the quality of the video.Covi's "fundamental architectural tenet" is edge technology, where video is "moved to the edge and distributed across the network so you don't have these central locations of congestion and overuse."
On top of that Covi is working to perfect time-based notions and practices of hierarchical storage, which can be described as how to decide what video to keep where at which quality and for how long.
"Taking edge-based storage architecture and moving into a distributed storage mentality to both protect video and time value manage the video: That's the path we're working down," he said.