Marsh Risk Consulting, Kroll to keynote TechSec Solutions

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, February 3, 2005

February 3, 2005

SARASOTA, Fla.- Senior officials from one of the industry's largest risk consulting and security practices will deliver a keynote address on the risks facing today's security directors at TechSec Solutions, a conference that explores IP-ready technology.
Troy D. Smith, senior vice president of Marsh Risk Consulting's Information Risk & Security Practice, and Alan Brill, senior managing director of Kroll Ontrack, Kroll's technology services arm, will discuss the views of Kroll and Marsh on the changing dynamics of the security industry.
Kroll has been a subsidiary of Marsh since Marsh's parent company, insurance giant Marsh & McLennan, acquired Kroll in May 2004. The two will speak at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 1, the final day of TechSec Solutions, which will be held at The Ritz-Carlton here.
"Historically, companies have viewed security as a necessary evil," Smith said. The key to overcoming this perception and successfully integrating security is to treat it like any other project at a company, with its own executive partner or sponsor, its own product methodology and an watchful eye on the "people side" of the equation, he said.
Brill and Smith will also touch on the company's perspective on the future direction of physical security as it relates to building design and facility security, as well as how an integrated, enterprise-wide risk approach- both from an information security and a physical security perspective- better serves an internal security operation.
Physical security functions, such as surveillance systems, entry systems and guard consoles should be integrated with an organization's logical access system and identity management processes to best control access of both information and people, and mitigate and prevent incidents, Smith said.
But even with these tight controls, he said, incidents do occur.  However, "companies that are perceived by the market to be well managed, with good security tend to rebound," he said.
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