Math Associates Inc. reforms as Liteway

Friday, March 1, 2002

HICKSVILLE, N.Y.-The man who founded fiber optic transmission manufacturer Math Associates in the late 1970's has formed a new corporation that manufacturers an updated version of the old products.

Irwin Math, who co-owns Liteway Inc. with Joseph Georgiano, started the company a year ago after leaving Communication Specialties, the company that bought Math Associates several years ago. In January, Math and Georgiano began shipping product from their newly renamed company.

"Liteway is in the line of fiber optic transmission," said Math. "We thought it was a much more descriptive name and people aren't going to ask why a fiber optic company is named Math Associates Inc."

The new company is now manufacturing up to date versions of the products it used to make in the past. Still, the company will continue to support old and new products alike, which are used to connect a CCTV camera to a monitor or multiple video sources to monitors, said Math.