Metro N.Y. security company breaks PERS mold

Thursday, February 19, 2009
MOUNT VERNON, N.Y.--Sonitec Corp. in late January announced it had become a SafetyCare Authorized Partner and would soon begin the rollout of SafetyLink, the company's new personal emergency response system. However, Leslie Lief, president of Sonitec Corp., believes his company will use the SafetyCare partnership in a way many haven't seen before.
Sonitec's approach breaks the PERS mold, he said. "What sets us apart from a lot of others is we're linking SafetyLink to a younger generation. We don't just offer this to the elderly," Lief said. "We're all going to be old someday, but we're candidates for problems ourselves now. We exercise alone. What happens if I'm exercising in my home and something happens and I can't catch my breath, and I'm going down? Why shouldn't I have something that can save my life?"
SafetyCare general manager Mike Bodnar agrees Sonitec's wider approach will shake up the industry. "One of my goals at the start was to make this a longer-term product for folks who either have a medical need, or may just want to ensure that they're going to be around for a long time ... a guy in his late 40s who may have had an issue with a heart murmur, or who just wants to see his kids graduate college and see his grandkids, our product should be available for them ... We share [Sonitec's] philosophy of expanding this product outside of the [senior] market and providing it to those with an eye on their wellness, their safety and their security for a longer-tenured time."
SafetyLink customers in metropolitan New York will have the benefit of access to a 24-hour-a-day safety and security system at the push of a button. Unlike some other PERS systems, the owner of a SafetyLink system gains instant two-way voice contact with a certified emergency medical technician at the National SafetyCare Response Center, based in Reading, Pa.
Sonitec is the most recent addition to a growing stable of security companies taking advantage of the growing PERS industry through the SafetyCare Authorized Partner Program. Other recent Authorized Partners include LifeCall LLC, Independent Living Solutions, and Eastern Distributing, among others.