Monitoring Voipers

Lasershield and team up
Sunday, July 1, 2007

OJAI, Calif., and LAS CRUCES, N.M.--LaserShield Systems will market's new Sparrow device, which plugs into an Internet router and transmits alarm signals over NextAlarm's Alarm Broadband Network.
"Because 35,000 customers a month are switching to VOIP and because they're in a market segment where they're trying to save money, we now have an element of cost-consciousness among consumers who are looking for security products," said Alex Elliot, chief executive officer and founder of "They have lowered their phone bills and are buying LaserShield's self-installed security system, the first realistically priced product of its kind on the market." He added, "We're very excited about our agreement with LaserShield. With this venture, LaserShield subscribers will benefit with a VoIP solution for alarm monitoring."
VoIP and digital phone subscribers who buy LaserShield's system will be able to use the Sparrow translator device to have their system monitored by the Rapid Response monitoring service, that has a "pod of central station operators assigned to [Lasershield's] monitoring," according to Russell MacDonnell, chief executive officer of Rapid Response.
"Working with NextAlarm provides a cost-effective virtual monitoring platform for our overseas subscribers who want to 'self monitor' their alarm, where traditional authorities are not available," said LaserShield chief executive officer Anthony Dohrmann in a provided statement. "For our professionally monitored customers in the United States, we estimate that nearly one-third of our sales inquiries require a VoIP solution for monitoring, as they have given up traditional phone service."