Monitronics deploys Verint software for operator management

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

DALLAS--Monitronics, a large provider of residential alarm monitoring, on May 23 announced the deployment of Verint Systems' Impact 360 Workforce Management solution software to measure, monitor and manage the performance of central station operators. "The software allows us to look at the flow in the call center and schedule agents based on real-time data," said John Mejia, vice president of customer care for Monitronics. "It allows me to sit down with managers and properly manage phones by looking at what happened last year at this same time period as well as evaluate what's going on today."
Currently, the company has integrated 450 of its call center staff into the system and is considering adding other departments to the system in the future.
The software will provide both supervisors and operators with additional functionality. Supervisors will have access to individual operator performance, which will aid in the improvement of call center productivity, Mejia said. Therefore, the software will allow operators with high performance evaluations to be prioritized for time off and other privileges. And the software allows them to request that time off and communicate in other ways with supervisory staff.
In addition to managing scheduling and other workforce tools, Mejia said, Monitronics is also considering using the Verint system for payroll.
Monitronics installed the Verint software in January of this year and it is currently about 60 percent deployed. Monitronics expects to fully deploy Verint's solution by the end of the calendar year.

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