Monitronics endorses Telular at ISC West

Friday, May 1, 2009

LAS VEGAS--Telular Corporation, a provider of wireless communications, announced at the ISC West show here April 1 that Monitronics, a provider of alarm monitoring, is increasing its deployment of Telguard Digital cellular alarm communicators and had named Telular’s TG-1B and TG-11 the preferred primary and backup cellular platform.

The new UL-listed TG-1B is a wireless alarm communicator solution for homes without traditional telephone service or where the alarm owner wants the extra protection and reliability of wireless backup, a situation  Shawn Welsh, vice president of marketing at Telular, said is becoming more frequent. “Demand for this kind of thing is on the rise as people go completely wireless,” Welsh said.

Welsh expressed pleasure with the endorsement. “We’re happy with Monitronics’ choice to make us a recommended product line,” Welsh said. “It’s nice validation for the work we’ve done with TG-11 and TG-1B to make them easy installs for Monitronics  dealers.”

“The major manufacturers of equipment are looking to build devices that are smart enough to communicate in more than one way. Traditionally, our business was a landline business,” said Monitronics vice president, marketing and business development Mitch Clarke. “We see a trend of more cellular and more IP. So the three different ways of communicating are very viable, and now a customer doesn’t have to pick one. They can actually have IP as their primary with cell backup, or any combination ... we were a big proponent of cellular backup in the early days.”