Montclair, N.J. looks to collect or not respond

SSN Staff  - 
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MONTCLAIR, N.J.—A March 22 story from The Montclair Times reports the Montclair Police have asked the township council to consider allowing police to not respond to alarms where the owner has past due false alarm fines. According to the story, Montclair Township is due at least $160,000 in past-due false-alarm fines.

The council is reportedly considering the request. Police stress the proposal excludes robbery, hold-up, panic, and duress alarms, which police would continue to respond to even if someone had not paid their false-alarm fines.

Under the existing municipal ordinance, Montclair police will respond to one false burglar alarm at no charge. But after that, the fee escalates. There is a $50 fee for a second false alarm, $100 for the third and $200 for four or more, according to the story.

The township gets a majority of the fine money, while a percentage goes to a third-party billing company, the story reports.