More change atop Vidient

Frank Pao is third CEO in just over 12 months for analytics maker
Saturday, March 1, 2008

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--Almost a year to the day after Vidient announced Silicon Valley vet Steve Goldberg was replacing company founder Brooks McChesney as chief executive officer, there is yet another man at the top of the video analytics developer: Frank Pao, another publicly-held technology company veteran.
Pao has a background in data mining as chief operating officer of Verity and also worked for Viirage, before it established its security and surveillance application. He said his experience in leading companies in this space over the past decade tells him that Vidient is "well positioned in the security space, with proven technology."
"We've got this growing proliferation of IP networks," he noted, "and bandwidth consumption is going to be a big question over time. We've got this intelligent video router that, by routing only the relevant video that's been set off by the alarm, helps to deal with that bandwidth issue, especially when you start expanding beyond four or six cameras. IT's a space that's being validated by some larger players, Cisco and IBM, among them."
Pao said one of his first tasks will be to expand Vidient's partner network of integrators and OEMs. "We're looking at the larger government systems integrators, the mid-tier systems integrators, and we'll potentially resell through NVR companies," he said. "We'll potentially do some strategic partnerships in the commercial area. Over the next couple of quarters, you'll see us announce a couple of things related to that."
As a go-to-market message, Pao said Vidient will emphasize the return on investment video analytics offer. "The whole industry has been about passive surveillance in the past. It's been after the fact, let's rewind the camera. You have to have analytics to move away from the passive environment, so people are aware in real-time of security threats."