More executive moves at Siemens

Friday, May 1, 2009

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill.--Just a few months after joining Siemens as senior director of business development for Siemens’ Security Solutions Business Unit, Carey Boethel has been appointed vice president and business unit head for Security Solutions, filling the role vacated by George West. One of Boethel’s first moves was to hire Sam Docknevich away from IBM, where he led the physical security practice. Docknevich will now serve as national business manager of four zones for Siemens.

Along with other important hires (among them colleagues from his Netversant days), Boethel said Docknevich is part of his effort to build a team that can take advantage of the current economic climate. “We definitely see this as an opportunity to gain marketshare,” he said. With high-level sales talent with IT and security backgrounds, Siemens can “figure out who really controls the funds and see what it takes for them to release that,” he said.

Docknevich, for example, brings an ability to understand the overlap between IT and physical security and show customers where they can converge. “Physical security teams have been elevated in importance especially after 9/11 and other disasters,” he said. “We have to get people to understand that you can secure data and the network but if you can’t secure the data center you can’t protect those effectively.”

Siemens’ integration arm will also leverage its relationship with its manufacturing side, Boethel said. “It’s a very close working relationship,” he said, “and there’s good reciprocity there. They rely on feedback and input from us in creating the products, and we rely on them in like manner to position that product, that solution, that portfolio of products on the leading edge.”