Mount Holly to begin enforcing existing ordinance

SSN Staff  - 
Friday, May 14, 2010

MOUNT HOLLY, N.C.—A May 6 story in the Gaston Gazette reports the Mount Holly Police Department advised the City Council it would begin enforcing the existing false alarm ordinance and wanted some updating done as well. Police hope that if home and business owners face penalties for false alarms, they will change behaviors and the community will see a reduction in false dispatches.

The police plan to use an already established ordinance to bring awareness and compliance.

Beginning in July, home and business owners who have false alarms will get a warning. If three false alarms occur at the same location within 60 days, a $50 fine will be charged.

The police plan to enforce the current ordinance but also asked City Council to consider some additions. They want to add more tiers to the penalty fee structure to include $50 fines for third and fourth false alarm calls, $75 for the fifth and $100 for the sixth. A $20 annual permit fee for property owners with alarm systems was also suggested. The registration would help create a database of security systems and generate a little revenue.