Move offers larger labor pool, facility

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

CORONA, Calif. - Telephone entry system manufacturer Trigon Electronics has been growing steadily since new owners took over nearly three years ago and that increase has prompted the company to recently relocate from Orange, Calif., to a larger facility here.

The new building, bought for $1.5 million, at 20,000 square feet is twice the size of Trigon’s former facility 15 miles away. It is also located in a location with a larger labor pool.

“We were finding it was hard to hire people in the previous location,” said Milton Sneller, chairman and chief executive officer of Trigon Electronics, a company that employs 30 people. “The competitive area is Orange County.”

Under the direction of Milton and Lorna Sneller, president, Trigon Electronics has expanded its business to include emergency towers, which are free-standing structures installed in parking lots and parks that include a telephone unit for use in emergencies.

But the company’s more than 22-year-old facility was not equipped to handle the new structures and with a plan to increase its emergency telephone systems to include solar and wireless products, the company needed more room.

“We’ve had to adapt because the other facility wasn’t well-suited to handle these big emergency towers in terms of the production process,” said Sneller. “It didn’t have industrial cargo bay doors, so we can run fork lifts in and out. The big towers weigh about 240 pounds, so they’re pretty heavy.”

Despite the move to a new facility, all of Trigon Electronics employees stayed with the company, according to Sneller. The move has even enabled the company to hire an additional engineer and technician, two people who could not work for the company at its previous location because of a long commute.