Nation placed on “orange” alert; borders and airports increase security

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, December 25, 2003

December 25, 2003

WASHINGTON - The nation’s airports, border crossings and ports are on high alert this holiday season, with the terror attack warning moving to the second-highest level this week.

According to published reports, government officials have gathered intelligence showing that al-Qaida once again plans to use airplanes as weapons. This time, the target could be cargo planes or airplanes originating in other countries where security is not as tight as in the United States.

Of the cities mentioned as possible targets, New York, Washington and Los Angeles top the list. So do events that draw large crows.

Government officials have increased Coast Guard patrols, while the Transportation Security Administration is increasing inspections at cargo companies. Other locations that officials are also concerned about include dams, bridges, nuclear plants, chemical facilities and water treatment plants.

The “orange” alert is expected to remain in effect throughout the holiday season and last into January.