The National Fire Sprinkler Assoc. creates local chapter

Thursday, September 1, 2005

DALLAS--The National Fire Sprinkler Association formed a North Texas chapter in July to represent the Dallas and Fort Worth area, a first for the organization in the Southwest region of the country.
The regional branch's mission will mirror that of the national association's 16 state chapters, but at a grassroots level. An integral part of the chapter will be to pursue legislation that would potentially have a positive influence on local contractors, as well as offer accredited seminars and programs.
"Contractors from the region, who are interested in combining resources with NFSA to improve local business conditions are encouraged to join," said Bob Trotter, NFSA Southwest regional manager.
Local chapters will have an opportunity to delve into regional legislation that might affect the usage of fire sprinklers in buildings. At its first meeting, chapter members voted to support the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act of 2005.
"Individually, we can only do so much, but as we continue to build, chapter members can go to their city councils for support, but also know that they can be represented nationally," Trotter said.
Forming a local chapter in northern Texas was always something that the fire sprinkler contractors in that area wanted to do, noted Trotter. However, this time when the idea was brought up, it morphed into a live group and the national association overwhelming approved the chapter.
However, Trotter did note that members of the North Texas chapter must be members of the national organization, NFSA.
Currently, the group has eight representatives from contractors and manufacturers.
The association will meet this month to vote for officers. It has also slated training programs in the upcoming months for its members on addressing business environment issues.
The program will investigate, "things that affect your bottom line, such as construction defects, quality control and workers compensation," Trotter said.