NBFAA’s members vote to upgrade membership bylaws

Thursday, July 21, 2005

IRVING, Texas--Earlier this year, members of the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association voted to amend the association's bylaws and add a new bylaw that will change its membership process.
NBFAA drafted the new bylaws so that its board may deny membership or membership renewal when it determines doing so, such as if a member could harm the reputation of the association. This can also apply to any potential member or existing member who conflicts with the stated mission of the association.
George Bish, chairman of the bylaw committee, said the association augmented the constitution as a preventive measure and was not reacting to any recent events.
"We really didn't have a way to not allow anyone to become a member," Bish said.
The bylaw committee worked with the association's legal counsel to create language that would provide guidelines that could be used, Bish said.
The second bylaw amendment now reads that associate membership will be open to individuals and businesses that take part in manufacturing, distributing, supplying or selling products or services that relate to the association's members, but might not be only serving the security industry.
By altering the bylaws, the association created an opportunity to increase its role, not make it more exclusive. The alterations to its mission take into account the increasing involvement of IP devices in the market. These companies should have an active role and voice in the association, Bish noted.
The associate membership can reach a larger market as a result of the changes. In some cases, "their primary business might not be in our industry, but they do a small amount of work in the industry," he said.
Members approved the changes to address an opportunity to continually refine the association's goals, noted Merlin Guilbeau, executive director of the NBFAA.
NFBAA votes on its bylaws only when the association makes a motion to do so and are effective once the vote is counted.
Bish did note that with this election it received many more ballots than in the past.
In July, the NBFAA welcomed nine new associate member companies: Alarm.com, Brivo Systems, Cornell Communications, HIS Fire & Safety Group, Mircom, Protect Security America, S.I.C Consulting, TimePayment Corp. and Work'N Gear.