NBFAA has the new PAC in town

Thursday, May 1, 2008

WASHINGTON—Taking the "next logical step" to build its government relations program, the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association announced March 18 that it's launching its own political action committee, called the NBFAA PAC. (Creating a PAC is one way groups or businesses raise and donate money to political candidates.)
"An industry's strength in Congress, and access in Washington, is many times determined by associations having legitimate PACS for members to contribute to senators and congressmen," said John Chwat, NBFAA's director of government relations.
"As the NBFAA government relations program becomes more proactive and much more involved, starting a PAC is the normal course of events," he said.
The Federal Elections Commission has very stringent rules governing the establishment and administration of a PAC, with which the NBFAA has complied.
The NBFAA will begin soliciting "individual company officers" in line with FEC regulations. It planned to continue raising funds during its Day on Capitol Hill at the end of April and at ESX (the Electronic Security Expo, June 25-27).
This being an election year, the NBFAA has a short time to build up it PAC war chest, so that it can begin participating in fundraising events and "making contributions to our friends on Capitol Hill who support our position," he said.
It is possible that the NBFAA would support candidates for open seats as well as current members of Congress.
The next election cycle will be in 2010, Chwat noted, but fundraising activities continue unabated. "[Candidates are] always in the mode for accepting contributions," Chwat said. ssn