New Atlanta-area HQ

Friday, February 1, 2008

DULUTH, Ga.--Securitas Systems has moved its corporate headquarters to 2400 Commerce Ave., here, from its previous location on Avalon Ridge in Norcross. In the process, the company added 4,000 square feet of office space along with a new design and training center, including a room that seats 40.
The new space will have two main benefits, said Carol Enman, director, business development and communications. First, "because we have the additional space, we can put the different groups--finance, accounting, IT support--in their own areas, and that's really a benefit, not having the distractions of the other groups."
Second, Securitas Systems will use the new training space "to really work with our own internal group, work with our customer groups, our vertical market specialties." When customers come to headquarters, it's to "train us on their expectations, their future needs, their internal goals, their market specialties." Sometimes this even leads to Securitas Systems investing in new product lines.
"In health care we expanded our product offering," noted Enman. "We expanded into RFID for asset tracking. We had to. The risks that they face are totally different than what other organizations face."