New CRM on the market

Friday, June 9, 2017

LEWES, Del.—Initially developed as an in-house offering for an alarm dealer, SableCRM+ is now an independent company coming to market with a new CRM software.

“Sable got started because the president, Craig Metzger, also owns an alarm company,” Steven Hayes, SableCRM+’s vice president of sales and development, told Security Systems News. “He saw a lot of inefficiencies in the way that they were working. So, he started having an in-house programmer … program a CRM to work with all of the different platforms that [the company] works with. Then he saw a need for this in the actual marketplace.”

SableCRM+ formally launched on April 1, following its spinout into its own company in December 2016, and the company is now focused on bringing to market a CRM software solution.

Prior to joining SableCRM+, Hayes was the president and owner of EGA Home and Business Solutions, which was acquired by Craig Metzger’s alarm company, GuardMe Security, announced in December 2016. “I took over SableCRM and made it into the product that you see today,” Hayes said.

“The beauty of Sable is that because Craig and I know the ins and outs of the entire sales process, [including] the sale, customer service, getting the technicians in there and, most importantly, getting paid by the clients … we were able to develop this software to take you through the full cycle of a sale,” said Hayes.

SableCRM+ is currently integrated with a variety of companies, including MONI Smart Security,, Zoho, Transunion, RingCentral and Docusign.

The software fits doorknockers as well as in-house sales people, Hayes said.

The company is also seeking other monitoring center integrations. “It takes about a month to integrate a central station. So, we just have to make sure that we’re picking and choosing the right one as the next one to add.”