New law mandates CO detectors

SSN Staff  - 
Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PHILADELPHIA--The city of Philadelphia has become the latest municipality to mandate the use of carbon monoxide detectors. On Dec. 17, the Philadelphia Fire Department, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, and city councilwoman Donna Reed Miller announced the enactment of the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Law, which will require all new home constructions and current multifamily homes to have CO detectors.
A number of companies and entities are donating alarms and money, as well as participating in discount programs. Fire detection company Kidde donated 1,000 detectors, while the city health department donated another 570 for distribution for free to needy families. Music and show business pioneer Solomon "Kal" Rudman donated $5,000 to buy additional alarms. CO detectors can range in price from $20 for a simple, battery operated model, to $51 for a hard-wired unit.